A Love Upon A Time

A Love Upon A Time, the poem is by Ray Brown.  Enjoy the poem, and share it if you like it.

Lyrics to A Love Upon A Time:
Listen, have we met before.
You called my name, I swear I’ve heard your voice before.
My mind has been racing with thoughts of us in la la land, being hopeless fools, just lost…
Sent by the Universe, that’s what I feel we are standing at the doorstep to our new love.
Speechless is what I am, words are not enough to describe us and of what’s coming our way.
There’s a silence in the way we communicate, that one look is all we need to know
Bless you.  Kiss you. Hold you.
In time, head over heels over you.
Life is not what we were shown.  The story of love is false.
The part where we leave each other breathless is where we live… now and forever…
Words are magic my love… there’s a spell on us long before we took this life…
I swear to you by this, a promise made to you upon a time is timeless.
Us being apart for a time leaves us heartless.

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Ray Brown is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.

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