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Episode 5

Big Waterfall Sleep

Listening to a big waterfall while you fall asleep helps ease your vibrations and pushes them to get in line with nature’s flow. Having trouble sleeping? Listening to these waterfall sounds helps focus your mind to line with nature, instead of...

Episode 5


The next challenge in your life is around the corner, and the question is what are you going to do about it? The next wave of events that are out of your control is coming. That’s called life. In this podcast, Ray Brown talks about the next...

Episode 6

The Men Rules

Men have rules that shape their character, so we are going to find out what they are and explore them. Do they make sense or not. Some might say men are not that complicated; so here is a front-row seat into the hearts of men. Premium members get...

Episode 5


Does sex require rules? At times no it doesn’t, but it’s good to understand the boundaries of how sex works. In order to understand that, you need to understand yourself, your sexual desires, and your needs. Most importantly you need to understand...

Episode 4

The Love Rules

Love is an idea, a hope to share a journey of your life with someone special. There are rules to this journey, this promise where two hearts, souls and entangled. What happens if you break these rules? Who makes these rules? What if you break the...

Episode 3

The Women Rules

Get access to how women think and why they think the way they do. Women have rules that make them extraordinary or their own worst enemy. We are going to explore all the rules and give you a front-row seat that takes you deep into the mind of a...

Episode 2

Chapter 1: Motherly Love

They Love you. They pamper you. They don’t eat until you do.They don’t sleep until you do.They stay up late waiting for you to come home.If you were to fall anywhere out of their sight, it hurts them.When you say, I love you, it heals them.

Episode 20

How Long Does It Take A Guy To Commit?

Relationships are not that hard, it’s we as adults when we get older that we complicate them. Here’s a conversation with my friend “D” about this guy she is seeing and she’s wondering how long does it take a guy to...

Episode 1

Stuck In The Past

We’ve all been there, stuck in the past. Ray Brown Comedy Podcast on Stuck In The Past is a new and refreshing look at what is happening in people’s lives. Warning, the content in this podcast uses adult language and Rated 18+ and is not...

Episode 19

Why Do People Ghost?

Wondering why you were ghosted online? In this podcast, Ray Brown shares with you why people ghost and the reasons behind their choices. To subscribe to the show, Love Advice, subscribe here:  if you’re on an iOS device, subscribe from your app...

Why Do We fear?

In this video, I explore the reasons why we fear. The effects of social media. Relationships and pursuit of humanity. Take a listen.