Can’t Imagine It

The Poem, I Can’t Imagine It, written by Ray Brown is below and recited by Podcast below as well.

I Can’t Imagine It.
Me without my heart on my sleeve.
Me screaming the name of my love into the wind.
Me waking my love in the morning with kisses.
Me, holding her in my arms when she feels like falling apart.
Me, kissing her tears off her face.
Me, making her laugh out loud.
Me and her dancing in the rain.
No, I can’t imagine it, cause I’m not wired that way.
The dead told me, I’m here before my time.
That explains my being misunderstood.
I made friends with empty space and time.
I let the darkness consume me, but the light never went out.
I don’t know who made me, but its watching and helping.
The people I came across my life either don’t see me, or just want to take from me, or just take me out.
Here’s the thing, you can’t take out, what you don’t understand.
I can’t imagine it, a world not without me.

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Ray Brown is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.

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