I Love I Dream

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I love. I dream.
I want that love screaming inside of me.
Am I crazy, being selfish?
Am I demanding?
I’m also loving,
The deep passionate kind,
The tight holding kind.
Don’t touch me, I’ll fall in love.
Don’t look at me, I’ll put a spell.
Don’t kiss me just for play.
I like the deep long juicy playtime,
But I’d like it if you stay a little longer.
I’m only asking for a lifetime,
I’m putting my life on the line.
They say love is for the fools.
I am reborn on fools day, every year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ray Brown is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.

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