Moonlight Podcast Poem by Ray Brown.


Here we stand, it’s a half moon.
You and me together, all alone.
There’s something special tonight, no?
I am not talking about the moon,
It’s your face lit up in the moonlight.

It’s a winter night, it’s cold, but my hearts burning,
holding you close and tight.

In the still of the night, I hear a breeze coming.
I hold you closer kissing your icy lips,
melting them with love.

I could build a house here, for us.  It’s not too late.
We could put our dreams into it and call it our palace.

The stars are shining bright tonight,
our love is like a shooting star in space and time.

At the end of the day, under this moonlight,
our echos of love will shine forever.

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Ray Brown is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.

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