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Episode 8

How Women Think

Ever wonder how women think the way they do? And what can you do about it? In this podcast, we explore this very interesting topic and discuss how to understand how women think, and how you can become better at understanding how they think.Link to...

Episode 7

What Happened To Strong Men

What happened to Strong Men is a topic of discussion that comes up too often, so let’s talk about it. How do you define a strong man? To subscribe to the show, The Men Rules, subscribe here:  if you’re on an iOS device, subscribe from...

Episode 21

Becoming Nobody

Becoming Nobody is the quintessential part of becoming one with the Universe. We come to understand how our old roles and disguises become increasingly burdensome on our souls preventing us from reaching our authentic selves. In this podcast, I...

Episode 5

Big Waterfall Sleep

Listening to a big waterfall while you fall asleep helps ease your vibrations and pushes them to get in line with nature’s flow. Having trouble sleeping? Listening to these waterfall sounds helps focus your mind to line with nature, instead of...

Episode 5


The next challenge in your life is around the corner, and the question is what are you going to do about it? The next wave of events that are out of your control is coming. That’s called life. In this podcast, Ray Brown talks about the next...

Episode 6

The Men Rules

Men have rules that shape their character, so we are going to find out what they are and explore them. Do they make sense or not. Some might say men are not that complicated; so here is a front-row seat into the hearts of men. Premium members get...