Scent Of Love

Listen to Scent Of Love podcast Poem by Ray Brown.

Lyrics: These golden, brown shades of hair, take my breath away.
These deep brown eyes looking back at me, catch me off guard.
I am watching them watch me, as I sense you reading my mind.
I’m lost between words, as my heart skips a beat.

I see as I get closer, the shyness in your eyes look away,
I see that these eyes of ours have nowhere else to meet.

Staying quite now would be a sin,
I pray no one tells you, for you’re about to sin.

I see now, that not just me, but other lovers dine in your beauty every night.

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Ray Brown is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.

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