Episode 12

Online Dating: How to Lose a Guy in 5 seconds

Online Dating: How to Lose a Guy in 5 seconds.  Where is Mr Right? That’s the question on the minds of millions of single women. Where does one go these days to find good guys or Mr Right? Honesty on the dating apps is hard to come by, but...

Episode 10

Dating: How To Lose A Girl In 3 Secs

Men and women are very different when dating; from their way of thinking to them process their thoughts. But, there is also a common denominator that connects them both. Their pursuit to not be alone. These days, if you’re single, your most...

Episode 8

How To Know You Have Met The One?

How Do You Know You’ve Met The One? Ray Brown discusses the things women and men do that prevent them from being with their one, or things they can do to be with their one!  In this podcast, he discusses the connection that people form, how...

Episode 10

A Love Upon A Time

A Love Upon A Time, the poem is by Ray Brown.  Enjoy the poem, and share it if you like it. Lyrics to A Love Upon A Time:Listen, have we met before.You called my name, I swear I’ve heard your voice before.My mind has been racing with...

Episode 9

Can’t Imagine It

The Poem, I Can’t Imagine It, written by Ray Brown is below and recited by Podcast below as well. Lyrics: I Can’t Imagine It.Me without my heart on my sleeve.Me screaming the name of my love into the wind.Me waking my love in the morning...

Episode 7

Hope At Midnight

Hope At Midnight is a Poem by Ray Brown.  A Podcast of this poem is below in Ray’s voice outlining some of his thoughts at midnight.

Episode 1

Loving Yourself

Podcast “Loving Yourself,” by Ray Brown. Life is how we define it to be.  It’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going… sounds like a line from a movie… it most probably might be. ...

Episode 6

Spring Fever

Listen to Spring Fever podcast Poem by Ray Brown:Love is a fever.Every season brings a new kind of wind.What was, will never be.A new chapter of your life opens.The scent of magic in the air is changing you.I can feel you close.I can dream you...

Episode 5

Love Like Ours

Poem Love Like Ours Podcast by Ray Brown. Lyrics:I don’t want to bury myself yet.I am not dead enough to die yet.I tell myself not to worry.I told myself there is no hurry.I felt I shouldn’t get too close too soon.I told myself I am...

Episode 4


Moonlight Podcast Poem by Ray Brown. Lyrics: Here we stand, it’s a half moon.You and me together, all alone.There’s something special tonight, no?I am not talking about the moon,It’s your face lit up in the moonlight. It’s a...

Episode 3

I Love I Dream

Listen to the I Love. I Dream podcast by Ray Brown. Lyrics: I love. I dream.I want that love screaming inside of me.Am I crazy, being selfish?Am I demanding?Perhaps!I’m also loving,The deep passionate kind,The tight holding kind.Don’t touch me, I’ll...

Episode 2

Scent Of Love

Listen to Scent Of Love podcast Poem by Ray Brown. Lyrics: These golden, brown shades of hair, take my breath away.These deep brown eyes looking back at me, catch me off guard.I am watching them watch me, as I sense you reading my mind.I’m lost...